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Who we are and where we come from….


Greetings Veterans,

An Army and Air Force veteran along with the help of two humanitarians have teamed up to help veterans find careers with non-government organisations (NGOs) they established,  “Keep Serving”.  Keep Serving is a non-profit that has not even established a website, nor a proper logo, but already brings what might turn out to be a great opportunity for a veteran to keep serving with an NGO.  Keep Serving, once more established we will bridge the gap between NGO’s human resource offices (HR), and veterans, which we have informally done several times already.

Such an opportunity has already presented itself before we could get established and we have been asked to see if there is any interest.  Attached you will find a job description for a volunteer position that will certainly give you great exposure to how an NGO operates and whether you would want to pursue a career with them or another.  It also gets you experience with an NGO, because most of the HR offices will drop you from the list of applicants if you have no NGO experience (having not worked for an NGO).  Lastly, it this volunteer position could very well lead to a full-time career with great benefits and decent pay, allowing you to keep serving a great cause.

You will be working from home with a flexible schedule that requires a minimum of 3-6 hours of dedicated time each day, four to six days a week for 30 to 90 days.  We may be working on the model of getting donors to pay a stipend during your volunteer time.  We do not care about clearance, more about character and fitting in with the NGO’s “corporate culture”.

We have been working with Don Holloway of Veterans Employment Representative, Department of Economic Opportunity, JobsPlus One-Stop Career Center in organizing a webinar/workshop in April that helps veterans understand NGOs and how to pursue those careers with them.  We have asked Don to disseminate this message.
the Keep Serving Staff

Bob, Doug, Steph and Treva

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